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FM Server - What is the log telling me?

Question asked by wendy on Feb 14, 2017
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Good day, all!


Our database was apparently not available one morning when users arrived. Unfortunately, I wasn't called, and when  I arrived several hours later I was limited to log analysis and quizzing users. I did serve a backup from 4:00 a.m. but am baffled by what I'm seeing in the log. Two screen captures attached.


What happened:

5:17:56 a.m. - a backup completed.

5:25:46 a.m. - The log shows "Starting Filemaker Server processes" and additional automatic steps. There is no evidence of a power outage. Early users say the server had power, but was not accepting logins. I was unable to determine exactly what anyone tried (except a confused report that "we tried to log in but the password didn't work". Later story was that people typed the password incorrectly). Those here at that time wouldn't know to do anything except try to log in to a prompt or reboot the machine. (Why I wasn't called is another discussion I won't go into here.)

8:30:47 - My analysis is that they let it sit until someone tried a reboot at this time, but then didn't log in to the console.

9:24:11 -  Someone arrived who knew the password, and was able to log into the console and click on the button in the console to start up the server and open the databases. (I did take it down when I arrived a little later, and served a backup from 4:00 a.m., which I figured was "safe".)



- Any idea why user's couldn't log in when they first arrived in the morning? Something quit working, but I'm not sure what.

- I'm baffled by the "Starting Filemaker Server processes" at 5:25 when there is no evidence that anything was down, and no log entries showing anything went down. All I have is users saying "We couldn't log in."

- How to determine the closest "safe" backup to re-serve when there has been a server problem; what to look for in the log? (I'm the only admin, but I'll be training "volunteers" for future emergencies, so I have to keep it simple.)



System Details:

- Filemaker Server, upgraded recently from FMS13.

- iMac running 10.11.06

- The server runs 24/7. We have a UPS battery backup set to run for 4 minutes after a power outage before a shutdown. Computer AND display sleep settings are both set to "NEVER".

- The previous server was set to serve upon reboot by a previous admin--I've ended that practice.

- Later in the day, I did a "pull the plug" test. The UPS performed as expected, and I saw expected "shutting down" entries in the log.


Thank you.