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Extra record when exporting Excel file

Question asked by MikeWile on Feb 14, 2017
Latest reply on Feb 14, 2017 by user19752

I have a solution that runs under Web Direct. Because the records have to be exported as an .xlsx file, I run a PSOS to create the Excel file. All fields are from the table except for 1 that pulls from an External Source. There are 55 records. When I perform the export, it always duplicates an extra row with only the info from the external source in the row. The rest of the row is empty and I end up with 56 records exported. After the export, it only shows 55 records in the solution. If I remove the field that is from the external source when exporting, I end up with the correct 55 records.


What I've done in the meantime is created a new field in the main table and when records are imported, I pull the info from the related table into that field. This works but I was wondering if anyone could explain why I would get an extra row. It's always in the middle of the export, not the first or last record.