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Resizing Lists when Printing in Preview Mode?

Question asked by llamaassemblies on Feb 14, 2017
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Hello everyone. So I have a layout that includes two buttons. Both buttons determine the particular layout needed for the job before switching to preview mode. All layouts are lists with some information and a description box that varies in size depending on the layout (there are 3 for each type with just a different size of this one field, due to the header fields not being able to be resized) for a header, and some calculations determining the page it is currently printing in the footer. Before the footer and after the body is a Trailing Grand Summary that includes a handful of calculations as well as a couple signature fields. Depending on the layout, there are a different number of fields for the list itself being printed. Most are relatively small, but there is a Description field that could vary from very small to a large amount of copy-pasted information. It then calculates out how many pages there are and displays this information in the footer. Depending on the button pushed, one gives a print dialog while in preview mode, while the other creates a temporary PDF that can either be saved or discarded.


While I have gotten most of the above to function fine, I seem to be hitting a roadblock in regards to the resizing of the Item Description. I have taken every field in the body and enlarged it so that all would remain the same size when shrunk, giving it a relatively decent maximum size. All have "Sliding up based on:" checked with "All objects above" toggled. I have ensured all have also been checked on "Also resize enclosing part". However, even with these settings on I cannot seem to get my fields to shrink when I run the script. I have used this mechanic in the past with Form View, but never with List View, but believed that the resizing would work fine on the body and just not the header/footers. Am I mistaken? Is there another step needed?


Any help could be appreciated, I seem to have hit a brick wall in regards to this issue. I have tried applying the above options to everything below my Body, but that didn't cause anything to resize. I am using the latest version of Filemaker 15 Advanced at this time, 15.0.3.