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Remote file access problems

Question asked by oldgustav on Feb 15, 2017
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Myself and my colleague are sharing a FMP15 file - or at least we were. I'm hosting the file on my iMac. I have set up a static IP and have opened up port 5003 on my router. My colleague has been able to connect to the shared file - until last night, when he could not get in. The message was something like 'host not available, or file not available on the host'. I was able to access the file on our home network using FMGo, so we know the file is available. The file is password protected BTW. I don't know a great deal about networking but I think the static IP refers to my router - but the device the file is running on (my iMac) has its own IP address, which is not static. I don't think this has changed - but even if it has, I have updated the port /device assignment. Do you think the problem is more likely to be at my colleague's end? Or is there something not right my end.


Thanks for your help!


PS. I know I should be using FM Server, but this is a tiny enterprise. When we go global, maybe...


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