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    MS Access to FileMaker?




      Have you moved from MS Access to FileMaker or helped a client make the move? Are you on Access and considering moving? I'm working on a new project and I'm looking for stories, tips, and learnings from your project. Please message me if you have something to share!


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          Hello, Abby! I have moved a few Access to MS SQL and some to FileMaker. In all these cases only the tables, columns, and data rows where important. So a simple export as CSV was needed.


          I also "converted" a few Access to FM where the value lists, forms, table views, and the macros (scripts) had to be re-created. It was beneficial to do the export/export of data for the schema. It was also beneficial to have both solutions open, so other elements could be as-close-as-possible be created in FMP. These were not very complex, so only a little extra work to "match".


          Some solutions may be too complex for this. And some Access solutions may need an "overhaul" anyway, so export of data and import into better design may be necessary.


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            I used to be a full time Access / VB6 developer way back when.  Recently helped migrate an access solution with SQL Server backend into a FM solution.


            Figuring out the stored procedures that were called from Access were the toughest part of the job.  The rest is basically just reverse engineering to map things out and to verify if the overall design (tables, fields,...) is still valid.

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