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How to nicely close Web Direct shown through a FMPro web viewer

Question asked by justinc on Feb 15, 2017
Latest reply on Feb 16, 2017 by justinc

In FileA I have a layout that contains a web viewer.  This web viewer points at a different FM file (FileB) using Web Direct.  Both files are hosted on the same server.  This layout (in FileA) is shown in a new pop-up window, which has no other functionality beyond this web viewer interface to FileB.  The layout that is shown in the web viewer/web direct in FileB has no other navigation or functionality - it just shows one found set in a list view.  The URL that loads the web viewer with the Web Direct link includes the "homeurl" parameter in it; this parameter on the URL is where the web page is supposed to go when the user closes the WD session.


The web viewer displays a layout from FileB that is a simple list view, with a field for the user to make comments on records in this remote file.  This part all works fine, i.e. using WD from inside an FMP web viewer displays OK and the user is able to enter comments.  But when the user is done making comments we would like them to log out of the Web Direct session nicely.  What's the best way to do that?


If we put a button/script that calls the 'close window' function the 'homepage' parameter of the Web Direct URL should take over and go to a nice web page, but the web viewer apparently blocks the redirection and instead shows the default Web Direct landing page - not a very pretty nor secure page to show.


We could just close the entire pop-up window, and that does seem to eventually close the WebD client that is showing up on the server when this page opens.  But there is a delay between closing the window and logging out the client (a few minutes?).  But is that sufficient?


Any other suggestions?