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    Missing Records


      I'm currently running Filemaker 14.0.6 on El Capitan.


      Recently, i've started to notice that some records are missing.  Specifically, in the P&L records I create each month.  The records are sorted by date (i.e. September 2016).  So recently i noticed that the September 2016 record was missing.  When i went to create the P&L again, by entering 'September 2016', all of the data reappeared. 


      Have any of you experienced records missing before?  What is generally the cause?

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          missing records can occur if not on your end something is wrong with your solution if the index is damaged.


          so first be 100% sure that you don't have cascading deletes evoked through the graph or otherwise delete records on the wrong context happening not expected etc ..



          do you have any daily or hourly backups you can go back and compare?

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            How do i figure out whether or not the index is damaged?


            How would I know if i had cascading deletes evoked through the graph?


            I do have daily backups that i could compare.

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              If you entered September 2016 and all the records were there it would appear rhat the  related records  were there all the time. If September 2016 is  in a field in a parent table perhaps it's a question of a parent record being deleted without cascading deletes enabled.

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                go to your relationship graph and check if "delete records in this table .." is checked


                check if any TO of the missing records has this checked.


                also check if any script with Go to related Records script step uses deletion afterwards - if that script step fails you might be on the wrong TO though the incorrect context and result can become missing records.


                check any possibility of scripted or user interacted deletion.


                the index can repaired with the recovery tool - there is a lot to search for regarding this topic.

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                  Are you sure you're doing commits in all scripts where you're adding or editing data? I would check that too.