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    Relationship list?


      Long ago, I think it was version 6, we were able to view the relationships in an alphabetical list according to the format <table 1>::<table 2> so that we could quickly scan to a specific relationship. This was extremely useful where there are many relationships. However, the newer ER diagram-only presentation no longer provides that list feature. Instead, with files that have dozens of relationships with other tables and files, it literally can take a couple of minutes to just find the relationship I want to view/edit! What am I missing? Why would FMI choose to remove such a useful way to display the relationships made for a given file? Frustrating.

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          It was great for dealing with a single relationship. It was an absolute pain in the rear to deal with an entire ERD though.


          This goes back to pre-7, when each filemaker table was represented by a separate file. Now that you can have many tables in one file, a unified ERD makes complete sense.


          Still, if you need to quickly obtain relationship information, there is a filemaker function for that which has been around as long as filemaker 6 or more.



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            If you have the Advanced version, the Database Design Report presents the Relationships in quite a usable fashion.

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              Thanks for the quick reply, Mike. I wasn't suggesting they do away with the ERD, that's great for creating relationships and reviewing the holistic structure of the tables, but when I know what relationship I need to edit, it's not obvious where it's located on the graphic layout to select it. It was SO much easier to zip to its location in the alphabetical list and double click to get to the edit dialog.  If anything, since FP7 it's become even worse of a problem because now we need to weed through a longer array of relationships since the ERD now includes the relationships for all tables in the file, not just for one table.

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                Thanks Jade; In my opinion (having developed in FMP since it first went relational with v3 back in '98), performing a DDR every time I need to simply tweak a relationship is a time-wasting workaround; it's not an efficient solution for a serious time-and-matierals development project.


                I was hoping someone knew of a way to more quickly find and open a relationship within the many dozens that we often have in our ERDs that cover at least 90 different tables across a few dozen files. Oh well.

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                  Get the MBS plugin.


                  It has a search feature in the "define relationships" worth a million, here it is in action:


                  Screen Shot 2017-02-15 at 22.51.57.png

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                    Yes sir, that's the brass ring alright. I just downloaded and tested it with FMPA15. Works like a charm.


                    What a relief!!!


                    Thanks so much, siplus.

                    Well done.