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Detecting Schedule Conflicts

Question asked by littleluce on Feb 15, 2017
Latest reply on Feb 16, 2017 by littleluce

I have a reservation system that manages equipment and need to check for schedule conflicts. I have set it up using relationships as discussed in this post Detecting scheduling conflicts  but I have found it doesn't work in some cases where I need to allow a certain number of conflicts.


For example, if I have 3 cameras that can be reserved I will allow up to 3 conflicting reservations containing at a time. The problem comes with overlapping reservations that conflict with some reservations, but not all. Take the example below


Reservation A: Monday - Friday

Reservation B: Monday - Tuesday

Reservation C: Wednesday - Thursday


From the context of Reservation B or C there is only 1 conflicting reservation, but from the context of Reservation A there are 2.


How would I solve this issue? Is there a better way to mange conflicts in my situation?