Multiple Users on FileMaker Server

Discussion created by canoevalley on Feb 15, 2017
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Further to my very short question earlier. Below is a more elaborate overview of my challenge.


So here is the issue. I do realize when hosting a FileMaker solution on a server, users cannot edit the same record or field at the same time.


The sales team need to create custom price lists and they are all different. The layout is called 'Sales Team'. Bill puts in his sale price for a white shirt then there is Bob who wants to enter his sale price for the same shirt. All at the same time. Bill sees the Sale Price field populating with Bobs prices and is freaking out.


What I need to do is duplicate the 'Sales Team' layout and call it 'Sales Team Bill'  and duplicate the 'Sale Price' field and name it 'Sale Price_Bill'. So the start up script will take Bill to his very own layout where no one can touch his custom sales prices. Bob continues to use the original 'Sales Team' layout and can work on the sale price independent from Bill.


Now here's the big question. When each of them presses the 'Print Price List' button the script creates a preview of the price list displaying the sale price. Well, I don't want to be creating duplicates of the price list layout for Bill to use with his own 'Sale Price Bill' field. I need users able to all share the same price list layout. Each with their own special sale price. Bill sees his sale price list and Bob sees his. Both are now happy.


But how can we accomplish this?  Hummm....


Can this be accomplished in some magical way? A variable or merge perhaps? It is out of my reach to try to figure this out but I think someone out there knows a way.


Thanks for any input.