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Writing a script for use on ipad Filemaker GO ios

Question asked by pcms on Feb 16, 2017
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I'm working with a pretty simple system and I created a script to create a custom name a file, have it saved to pdf, and then emailed with specific text to the email in the form, as well as cc'd to others.  It works perfectly on the desktop but doesn't work on the ipad.    It goest straight to the email, but doesn't have the cc'd emails in it or any file attached. 


I'm thinking there are several reasons. 

1.  File path is wrong now 

2.  I don't see any options to save to PDF only print, and I can't make the print settings work for the ios options from the desktop software. 

3.Its also not attaching the doc, which I'm guessing is because it isn't saved anywhere.


I'm a rank amateur, who learns as I need to, but I don't have enough base knowledge to figure this out.  Can anyone help me to write this script?

Thanks so much for any guidance.