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    On Windows, using the Italian keyboard, it is impossible to enter characters as @#€[]{} into a Webviewer


      Product and version

      FileMaker Pro 15.0.3

      OS and version

      Windows 10



      On Windows 10, let have a webviewer that points to a site that needs an input (i.e. an email address). Using the Italian keyboard, it is impossible to enter the @ character.


      To enter these characters, like @, €, #, [, ], {, }, etc.) you use a combination of two keys (Alt-Gr + key).

      In the webviewer under Windows 10, nothing happened.

      I tested many browsers (IE, Edge, Chrome, FF) without any problem to enter all characters.

      On MacOS X, with the same kind Italian keyboard and the same combination typing (Alt-GR  + key) , everything works OK.


      How to replicate

      create a webviewer, set it to Google search, try to enter the listed characters


      Workaround (very irritating):

      Open a textEdit program, insert the character you need, copy it and paste into the webviewer.