On Windows, using the Italian keyboard, it is impossible to enter characters as @#€[]{} into a Webviewer

Discussion created by gcatnine on Feb 16, 2017
Latest reply on May 9, 2017 by TSGal

Product and version

FileMaker Pro 15.0.3

OS and version

Windows 10



On Windows 10, let have a webviewer that points to a site that needs an input (i.e. an email address). Using the Italian keyboard, it is impossible to enter the @ character.


To enter these characters, like @, €, #, [, ], {, }, etc.) you use a combination of two keys (Alt-Gr + key).

In the webviewer under Windows 10, nothing happened.

I tested many browsers (IE, Edge, Chrome, FF) without any problem to enter all characters.

On MacOS X, with the same kind Italian keyboard and the same combination typing (Alt-GR  + key) , everything works OK.


How to replicate

create a webviewer, set it to Google search, try to enter the listed characters


Workaround (very irritating):

Open a textEdit program, insert the character you need, copy it and paste into the webviewer.