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Discussion created by tommykeith on Feb 15, 2017
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FileMaker Client and Filemaker Advanced on MacBookPro11,2 and Macmini6,2 running Mac OS 10.12.3

FileMaker Server on a MacPro5,1 running Mac OS 10.12.3 with Apple Server 5.2




Database1 has a field called HABCOMMTYPE which is an Indexed Text Field that is the key.  (This is a field that has 38,000+ entries that are not unique)

Database2 has a field called HTCTCode which is an Indexed Text Field that is also a key.  (This is a field that has 522 Unique entries)

Database1 is joined to Database2 via the key fields with neither database having the ability to create or delete data.


Database1 has several fields that Auto-enter via a lookup when HABCOMMTYPE matches HTCTCode.  The problem is that sometimes the lookuped data does not get updated.  For example.  In Database2 we change the data in HTCTCode from ARTSVC/JUNSCO DT to ARTSVC/JUNSCO HT as well as changing data in other fields referenced by lookups.  Then we go back into Database1, find all occurrences in HABCOMMTYPE from ARTSVC/JUNSCO DT and try to change them to ARTSVC/JUNSCO HT.  The fields containing the lookups may or may not change the data.  We then go to another machine and for awhile we will be able to change the data and the lookups will work, then this machine will quit doing lookups.  Unable to find any rhyme or reason to this.