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Script Find on multiple values in the same field?

Question asked by chilts on Feb 16, 2017
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I'm new to FMP. Using FMP13 on Mac. I've been around MySQL databases for over 15 years but this FMP scripting language is super confusing.


I got my first Find script working thanks to other threads here but I can't figure out how to refine a Find query over multiple values in the same field. You would think a basic AND query would work but it doesn't seem to.


Here's my current script:


Enter Find Mode [ ]
Set Field [ Inventory db::Status; "Sold Out" ]

Omit Record
Perform Find
[ ]
Duplicate Record/Request
Set Field
[ Inventory db::Status; "Quarantined" ]

Omit Record
Set Error Capture
[ On ]
Constrain Found Set [ ]


I'm trying to show all records except for records with the status "Sold Out" and "Quarantined".


I've tried a bunch of different variations of the code above but can't seem to get it to work.


Any help is much appreciated.