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    FMI Custom App Promotion


      FileMaker is promoting and marketing their notion of FileMaker solutions as "custom apps."

      And the notion of citizen developers.



      Their recent email promote the Deploy Guide.

      I note that when attempting to download the documents, FMI does not allow themselves to learn that the respondent is a developer who create apps for others. Professional developers are declared invisible. They cannot exist.


      using my app.png

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          May be you and your client work as a team, Bruce?


          May be you wright that CRM app for yourself and accidentally sell it to three different clients?

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            Hi Bruce,


            is it possible to those who attend the DevCon to speak to FMI managers ? If so that would be a nice occasion to ask this question. Better if the question is asked publicly !

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              I won't be going to Devcon this year, but go ahead and ask!

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                Markus Schneider

                well... seems the way things are going. In a german advertising (last year), they mentioned that 'no developer is needed'


                Developers are an important branch on the FM tree, IMHO. Was on a presentation today - people there did know nothing about FileMaker, z e r o... they kept on asking me what database is behind that 'FileMaker company'...


                Would be great if that could be discussed at the dev con. Last year at Salzburg (german conference), a salesperson had the lead

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                  I have a different take on the "Professional Developers are invisible" fear. I used to be there, too. "Why are they treating us like step children, when we sell a lot of seats for them," I moaned.


                  But, I have gotten enough calls from citizen-developer-wannabes that I have changed my mind. I now consider it a genius move in support of the professional developers. All those people are talked into dipping their toes into the waters and creating their own solutions. "It's easy. Any smart business person can do it!" They then find out that it gets in the way of doing "their day job" well. And, as you and I know, it's not quite as easy as it looks in the marketing materials.


                  Finally, the business owner realizes that they need more expertise but don't have the time to do it themselves and starts looking around for help. They call me. I stay busy with the steady stream of people that already know about the benefits of FileMaker and we can move on as a team and fulfill their original dream. It's been working pretty well for me. I only need to focus on being visible in my local community. FileMaker takes care of the rest.

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                    Join the team of the forgotten developers. How many years ago was it that those of us who put FileMaker on the map didn't have a checkbox when they wanted to buy or ask a question? Individual developers were ignored in favor of big corporations, etc. That's the way of life. Like finding out that newbies are now 'Citizen Developers" which to some of us sounds like Big Brother and the old movies or is it mean to discriminate against those who aren't citizens? I wonder if FileMaker paid the proverbial $500,000 to an ad company to come up with that term?


                    At first I though I had been redirected to a humor sight when I saw that page and now it seems I wasn't.

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                      Wait until those people ask "What database does FileMaker use to run its company and website?" That will be interesting... 


                      Years ago when Wordperfect was moving into a new version and I was one of the first to use big fonts in faxes when software began to offer it, a WordPerfect rep contacted me about the fax I had sent them and asked how I did this. I had become interested in Wordfect and sent the fax. Its so common now that few would understand the ripples that made. Then I discovered that many of the documents on the word perfect support site were created in Microsoft Word. Hey, they're still in business!


                      Back to first paragraph: i doubt that any of the companies mfg and selling database software use their software to run their business. Filemaker does not run this community on a FIleMaker db, for instance.

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                        One last reply: FileMaker engineers and upper management don't use FileMaker otherwise the things that drive us nuts would be fixed. And so the advertising department and sales staff also don't use FIleMaker and so they are out of touch with us. I would be more than happy to be proven wrong. We just have to plod along and hope the damn at Oroville doesn't burst.

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                          When the Community was in its planning and investigation stage, it became apparent that FileMaker Pro was not the best or correct tool.  Since initial implementation of the Community, we continue to evaluate forums and forum tools, and for those keeping track, Jive is the third vendor implemented for the Community.


                          Your supposition is false.  Development and Testing track all issues in a FileMaker database that is hosted by FileMaker Server and accessed by FileMaker Pro, FileMaker Go, and WebDirect.  In Technical Support, all systems are tracked through FileMaker Pro.  I can't speak for "the advertising department and sales staff".



                          FileMaker, Inc.

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                            gofmp, I know that even Apple uses systems running on FMP. So that would be a tough customer for FMI to please. Add the that all the internal users that TSGal mentions and you've got quite a feedback loop for bugs and features. Perhaps, as priority lists go, yours just happen to diverge from theirs?

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                              Not sure why this is a surprise given that these guides are aimed exclusively at in-house teams doing this type of thing on their own. FileMaker Inc., has been doing a stellar job of engaging their developer community lately, and they offer a lot of resources that promote their development partners. I've been a very vocal critic of FileMaker in the past, but couldn't be more happy to be a FileMaker developer today.

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                                I think it is one thing to recognize the target market for this series of publications; and a slightly different thing to not allow a statistic to even exist. I'm curious what they do with this information, and why it was set up this way.

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                                  Vote for President : gomfp


                                  "FileMaker engineers and upper management don't use FileMaker otherwise the things that drive us nuts would be fixed."


                                  You can't say more!!!


                                  And if you work on a mac, with that f... rubberband iPadish kidish shi... and using Apple mouse, your screen dance so much, it tangles and f... and mess everything around, all those thiny things you try to place with precision by pixels always move, go and disapeare!!! It's creepy, a real nighmare to work with in a regular basis 8hrs, my hand and my eyes spread out!!!


                                  It takes them years to overcome simple stufs and still it lakes too much elements to make it a real IDE.

                                  Anyway you're dam right the ratio dev/market guys at Filemaker Pro is maybe 1 dev for 29 market guys.


                                  And with the iPad, they sale like mad man, no Android though (?) - it's the enemy...

                                  But it runs on Windows... (!?)


                                  But you have to go thru iTunes... the music player of Apple, or is it the new Finder!!! to sync your stuf!?

                                  With iTunes you can also buy movie or rent a book, pop-corn, synk book and talk to an Artist!!!

                                  When you launch iTunes you have no more free memory!!

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                                    I know people AT Apple and FileMaker, Inc. using FileMaker (and they have been for a long time).

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