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FileMaker for User Connections Question / Observation

Question asked by deninger on Feb 16, 2017
Latest reply on May 22, 2017 by ndveitch

I have license keys for  FM 15 server (26 user connection). To date, I had not experimented with UC's because I have enough copies of FM 15 for my staff to use on their computers. I plan on leveraging my extra connections, though. So...


Question: where in the admin console can I see how many UC's are in use (or how can I monitor this). I only see an option to log when I reach 80% of my available user connection (the tab shows 26 available user connections)


Question: The FM for UC does not appear to require login-to the server, though it does ask to use a key the first time you connect. How is this supposed to work (limit my use of UC's to only 26 discreet accounts)?


Observation: I also have a FM 14 server (with 26 combined concurrent FM WebDirect and FM Go connections). I inadvertently connected to a DB hosted on a FM 14 server with the FM for UC client. This unexpectedly WORKED.


Question: has anyone else experimented with allowed connections with FM for UC on FM 14 server with concurrent connections? Is the user limit enforced (and by device or user?). Just curious.