Replacing OpenOffice Bullet Points with <?

Discussion created by llamaassemblies on Feb 16, 2017
Latest reply on Feb 17, 2017 by siplus

So the people that use the database tend to copy-paste information from OpenOffice into some of the more lengthy fields in my database. I have a TextFormatRemove on each to prevent conflicts with the different sizes, but the problem is that some fields are bulleted lists. These fields get outputted to a PDF format, which proves problematic as it seems to not recognize bullet points and instead converts them to squares. The best solution for this problem seems to be to replace it with something else, such as a Greater Than symbol ( < ). It could be a thing done manually, but it is always best to automate functions wherever possible.

This sounds like a pretty cut-and-dry case for the Replace calculation, but the problem is that the bullet symbol is not recognized by Filemaker natively and thus comes out as a square in the auto replace calculations. Copying and pasting a visible bullet in browser mode doesn't seem to help. Due to the fact that Filemaker doesn't know what the initial symbol is, this means the calculation is non-functional and thus all bullet points remain. Any ideas to get Filemaker to see these bullet points or a more efficient manner at the very least than replacing every bullet manually?