Querying fields on server slow via SQL

Discussion created by monkeybreadsoftware on Feb 17, 2017
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It takes a very long time to query the internal table with the tablenames, fieldname and field types, if the databasefile has lots of tables in it. There


1. create a databasefile with about 130 tables, each table holding 230 fields.

2. Query the internal FileMaker table to get the tablenames, fieldnames, etc.


It takes between 60 to 120 seconds.


Expected Result: it should be much faster.

Actual Result: It is slow.


This is FileMaker Server 15 on Windows 7.


Example query:

SELECT DISTINCT \"FieldID\", \"FieldName\", \"BaseTableName\", \"FieldType\" From FileMaker_Fields,FileMaker_Tables WHERE FileMaker_Tables.TableName = Filemaker_Fields.TableName


This should list all fields with ID, name, table and type in the databases.


MBS Plugin uses this to learn about fields for Audit function.