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      I know this is silly, but how do I create backups in filemaker pro advanced 12.




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          Are you hosting the file via Filemaker Server, or is it a local copy you wish to back up?

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            You don't specify if you're working on a hosted file or not; if it's hosted on server, you have to set up a Backup Schedule on the server via the Server Admin Console.


            When I'm working on my own on an offline (nonhosted) file, my procedure is this:


            1. Keep all project files in a single folder named PROJECTNAME yyyy mm dd xNNN where NNN is the current "build" number. I start with 001.


            2. Before I start working I archive the folder, then I increment the NNN number.


            3. As I work I frequently close all files, archive the folder and increment the NNN number.

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              Markus Schneider

              in addition to the other answers, if You are not on FileMaker Server, You can save a compressed copy by script to a specific folder. That would be the backup

              - You could also zip that file/folder using plugins

              - You could create an OnTimerScript to get that automatically

              - etc


              When working on local files, I personally do backups manually after changes, naming the folder with the file(s) something like MySolution_20170217_21h15, to get a date that can be sorted by name

              I got a keyboard maestro macro for the naming - although we do most of our work on FileMaker Server...

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