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XML problems

Question asked by JackRodges on Feb 16, 2017
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I started my own data transfer idea and avoided xml because of problems that I foresaw. I decided to give it a go and found that the problem doesn't exist in 15 so I gave it a go (been watch British Auto Repair Shows).


It works great with no complexity in 15.


But... and there is alwas a but...  Filemaker Go on my iPhone 5s doesn't want to save the file or at least I can't find it. And Windows 10 appends the new data to the old file if the same name is used (which subjects me to a pile of files) which means duplicates if I don't take precautions and if I do then the delay in synchronizing records is a bit much of a bother.



1) how to have xml export overwrite the file in 15 and I know I can time stamp it, etc.

2) did I miss the overwrite function because I didn't manually save the first export.

3) does GO create the xml file and if so where is it?