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Illustrator Thumbnails not importing with FM15 script

Question asked by wendy on Feb 17, 2017
Latest reply on Feb 24, 2017 by wendy

- Files on an El Capitan Mac Filemaker 15 server. We are in the process up upgrading clients from Mavericks FM13 to El Capitan FM15.

- Script imports Illustrator .AI files into FIlemaker, including a thumbnail image. When run on a Mavericks/FM13 client, thumbnails are successfully imported (as they were on earlier versions). Thumbnails are also visible when the catalog is viewed on an El Capitan/FM15 client.

- Rerunning the same script on any client upgraded to El Capitan/FM15 results in blank thumbnail containers when viewed both with Mavericks FM15 clients and El Capitan FM15 clients.

- After rerunning the same script again on any Mavericks/FM13 client, thumbnail images are again visible as expected, both with El Capitan/FM15 clients and Mavericks/FM13 clients.  (When I walk back to an FM15 client after rerunning the script at an FM13 client, the window has already updated to show the thumbnails again.)


This screen capture shows the thumbnails/catalog as expected after the import script is run on a Mavericks/FM13 client. It takes about 20 seconds.


After running the import script at any El Capitan/FM15 client, the thumbnails are blank on both FM13 and FM15 clients. The script finishes almost immediately when run in Filemaker 15. It also reports that ONE image "cannot be imported as they [sic] are not the specified file type". It does not specify which image.


If I rerun the import script again at a FM13 client, the thumbnails are instantly visible again at both FM13 and FM15 clients. There are no error messages when running the script at an FM13 client.


The script import step:

Import records [With dialog: Off; Vector; Include all enclosed folders; Picture and movie files; Import only a reference; Update matching/ Mac Roman]

Image Thumbnail from the source is set to import into the IMG_Image_Thumbnail field.


The container is a simple "old-fashioned" container field carried over from an earlier version of FM, defined without specific auto-enter/validation setting.


Did functionality change between FM13 and FM15, or am I dealing with some sort of FM15-only corruption? Thank you.