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How can I color code overdue dates automatically?

Question asked by peggyu on Feb 17, 2017
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I have a very simple tracking database set up for our customer service reps to show status of current projects our design department is working on. Each project is one line of info with several columns of actions that need to be taken, when the request was made, when it is due and who has it. We update it in a tracking meeting every morning.


Management now wants to highlight the due dates in a color to be visual triggers. If the current date is 1 day short of the due date, it needs to be green. If current date is same as due date, it needs to be yellow. If the current date is past the due date, it needs to turn red.


I'm not that familiar with writing scripts but I think one can be written and tied to a button we push to update/refresh the info and then the dates change colors depending on the current date. Any ideas on how to write that script?