Announcement: Adventures in FileMaking #2 has been upgraded

Discussion created by philmodjunk on Feb 17, 2017
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I have just upgraded this free instructional file.


I've added several new topics:

  1. Check Boxes with Scroll Bars II -- shows how this method can be adapted to add/delete records from a join table instead of adding/deleting values from a list in a variable or field.
  2. Button Bars as Value Lists -- this can be a nice trick when working with layouts for iOS devices. A layout customized for iPhone use is included so that you can see the demo in action on an iOS device if you want.
  3. Flexible SQL tool -- I've added the custom functions and a demonstration tab (Inside Button Bars as Value Lists) taken from the presentation I made at DIGfm at FileMaker HQ last fall.


The same drop box download link will download the new version--so all the hundreds of links to it in this forum are still functional.


Adventures in FileMaking #2-enhanced value selection