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Filemaker 15 Upgrade and Adobe Reader DC

Question asked by julian.clemens on Feb 17, 2017

We have a complex Filemaker solution that we are currently running in 14v6. It is used as a stand-alone with FM native syncing engine and our users are using Win 7, 8, 10 and Mac OS Yosemite, El Capitan and very few Sierra (1 user actually only).


We have Adobe DC crashing when users attach PDFs and we hope that maybe in 15 that is fixed (container fields used).


However, when we switched from 13 to 14 we had to fix quite a few issues that were hard to find.


Would you guys advise switching to 15 and is there a way to check what 15 broke without having to retest all functionality on all OS variations?


(We have over 100 users and all of them use it a bit differently of course. We will switch to another solution end of year so we only need this to work and function till the end of the accounting year when we are able to move all to a new solution that we already developed.)


And if you think you can help us fix the Adobe crashes please send me a message.


Thank you very much.