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    Modify Find for Popover



      I have a Popover set up. In it I'm trying to do a "Find" for "Length" in my project.

      I found this code at this site. I modified it so that it searched for "Length". However it does not appear to work correctly.

      I have at least 7 products for the length specified. When I enter the desired length the code does not "Find" any records.



      Go to Layout ["Product" (Product)]

      Show All Records

      Set Error Capture [On]

      Enter Find Mode []

      Set Field [Product::Length]

      Perform Find[]

      Close Popover



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          Show all records can be removed.

          Set field is missing a parameter. The calculated result parameter can only reference variables or global fields due to the layout being in Find Mode at the time the set field step executes.

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            Since you are capturing the error (most likely no records found) You might consider using a show custom dialog to give the user some feedback if the results of the find is  0 records.  You could also keep them in the popover if 0 records are found.  The Close popover step is not needed since the Go to Layout step will close the popover.

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