Look and Feel and UI in FileMaker

Discussion created by jbiquez on Feb 17, 2017
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Hello all.

Yesterday I was showing a prospect what can be done with FileMaker using some of the solutions I have done.

On the database and mobile capabilities the prospect was very satisfied but at the end (the company is one that does design, marketing) one of the guys mentioned that the technology is very good but that my sample solutions are..."ugly or kind of old fashioned".. I laugh since it is not the first time people mention something similar so I decided to ask in the list.

I have read and try to follow the recomendatios of FM about the user interface. I consider that teh UI is not so bad.

- Do you know of samples that can be seen of solutions that you consider "State of the Art" in UI? If possible commercial ones?

- Do you use special fonts, icons for buttons from a special graphic library?

I do not want to have too fancy themes (I usually work in a white space and use some images as icons, the top/header is usually fixed) but maybe it is time to consider new design and graphic tools?

As always your advice and comments are more than welcome.


-- LSCA. Jorge Enrique Biquez Alvarez IT Consultant