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Script - click to edit line requires long pause

Question asked by justinc on Feb 17, 2017
Latest reply on Feb 24, 2017 by TSGal

When editing a script, there are a number of places where you can click into some text to edit that line.  For example in a Comment row, or the logic-clause text box for an IF statement.


I have been noticing recently, though, that you have to pause for quite a while (.5s - .75s....certainly much longer than I WANT to pause...) before you can click inside that text area to have the cursor move to the point clicked at.  A 'pause' is defined as not clicking inside the row/text area - you can move the mouse around.


For a Comment line:

1) Create a comment with a fare bit of text in it.

2) Click onto another script step row, to deselect/leave the comment step

3) Position the mouse pointer over the comment text somewhere away from the left edge

4) Click once on the Comment row (highlights the row)

5) Click a second time to activate the 'Edit Comment' mode - cursor shows up at the far left side of the text

6) Click a third time, to try  and reposition the cursor inside the comment.


If you don't pause for .5s - .75s between #5 and #6, the cursor won't reposition to the point you are clicking at.  Further clicking will result in no action UNTIL you have paused that .5s.  That is, I can click 10 more times and the cursor won't reposition; I have to pause the .5s, and then click.


The same is true for editing the text of an IF step - click once to select the statement, cursor shows up at the far left; click 2nd time to reposition the cursor inside the statement - it won't move until you have paused.


Yes, it doesn't sound like much, but it trips me up all the time and makes me slow down when I shouldn't have to.


This happens every single time, all the time.

FMPA 15.03

OS X 10.11.6