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    Delete Portal Row



      I have a problem with delete portal row, when I delete the portal row I lose records on my other table!

      please help me to solve this issue.

      Thank You


      User: admin

      Password: Ali12

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          Normal behaviour of deleting a record from a portal row is that the related record in the related table also gets deleted.

          If you want to do something like not showing the record in the list, but retain the record... then you could set a field in the related record upon "delete" and filter the portal not to show records with that field containing the value you set it to.

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            yes but if you see my project, when I remove one record on my songs list, I

            lose that artist record too.

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              That's because the relationship from "Artists songs" to Artist has a Delete Related records in this table when a record is deleted in the other table

              see attachment. If you are on the actual song list, in the songs table, it won't delete the artist record.

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                oh that's my mistake

                Thank you

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                  I agree about the need for aliabbassipro to get serious about training; and working directly with an experienced developer.

                  Time after time we see the same question asked. Or a file submitted, in which last week's functioning answer  is not included and the file once again shows script or structure failures that have been previously explained and fixed.

                  For instance: in this most recent file from aliabbassipro, cascading deletes are set wrong and deleting one record deletes every record from every table in the database.

                  Lessons that volunteers here have worked to provide are just not sticking.