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connections Filemaker client to Filemaker client

Question asked by JoGruen on Feb 18, 2017
Latest reply on Feb 20, 2017 by Markus Schneider

Hi there,

currently FM 13 Advanced checking for updates to FM 15 Advanced...

Curious, if I run a FM15 client (NOT SERVER) with a Database on my Laptop can I still turn on sharing ? any changes from FM 10->13 there ?


How many FM 15 pro clients can connect to my FM15 client aka "temporary host" ?

How many FM Go 15 IOS devices can connect to my FM15 client aka "temporary host" ?

Can I also webshare the Database ? How many other people can connect vis Websharing to my FM15 client aka "temporary host" ?


I searched a bit but didn't find any numbers for this and I would like to know the limitations. I'm aware of the performance penalties, it's a rare situation and worked perfectly fine for me till now.


Just to explain my situation: I'm usually working alone using a bunch of Filemaker Databases to organize Visual Effects for Film or TV Projects. Data Transfer to externals is always CSV / EXCEL or FM Export. Also it makes no sense to host elsewhere as I'm often on the road, on a filmset with no Webaccess etc.      BUT occasionally a colleague comes along that is also using Filemaker and in that rare case it's great to be able to host the Databases on my Laptop and let her or him access via LAN.


thx for a brief reply

kindest regards Jo