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Not able to share files with filemaker pro 14 advanced

Question asked by andypearce on Feb 17, 2017

Can anyone help?

I have just moved to New Zealand. I am trying to share a file from my filemaker pro14-advanced to a user in the uk.  i am running the file on a macbook pro with OS sierra. I have set the firewall on the macbook to "off".  I use firefox as my browser.

When i did this hosting from the UK then users could see the file in other countries.  having moved to new zealand it will not work.

The file will share normally within my home i can see it with my ipad and other mac on the internal house network.  I cannot see it by asking from outside to my public IP address (whcih is a fixed IP).

I have opened port 5003 on my router.  i have checked all the normal forums and tricks.  nothing works.  There appear to be two differences between here and UK:

a) the difference here from the UK was that in the  UK i used to get a filemaker message when i started tfilemaker pro 14 advanced saying "would you like to allow incoming connections".  In new zealand i am not getting this message.

b) my router is asking me to specify an "internal port number" as well as the external port number.  it is also asking for an "internal IP address". There is a screenshot of the router window attached

Has anyone seen this problem before and can you help me fix it?

Many thanks in advance!