Relative Path for Import script steps breaking in FMP 15

Discussion created by jasonsanders42 on Feb 18, 2017
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Hello All,


I have a script that does several imports from and to tables within the same file using the relative file path "file:FileName" in the Specify Data Source [File...] dialog. The script was written using FMPA 13, in a file built in FMPA12, and worked as expected through upgrading to FMP14. It's worth mentioning that the FMS deployment where the solution is hosted was upgraded to the corresponding versions at the same times as the clients. Additionally, the whole solution has been moved to a couple of different networks and been deployed on two different servers, all without affecting imports via relative path.


With the upgrade to FMS/FMP 15, the import script step apparently cannot "find" the data source (itself) at the relative path. As a test, running FMPA 14 and 15 on the server machine, I can open the script step and view the same import dialog in FMPA 14 and see the source table and field mapping as expected. When opening the same step in FMPA 15, the source file (on the left side of the dialog) is totally missing.


As a workaround, I can hard code the FileMaker Network path into the data source like this: "fmnet:/local.server.I.P/FileName" and that seems to allow the file to "see" itself, but it comes with a sh'load of undesirable implications.


Furthermore, this problem seems to be intermittent (really, I just haven't nailed down the pattern yet). So far, it "seems" like once I edit any one of the Specify Data Source paths to use a hard coded address, other existing import script steps that HAVE NOT BEEN UPDATED and still use the relative path, seem to function correctly...until they don't.


Anyone seen anything like this? Solutions? Ideas?