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Has Anyone Successfully Replaced All Their Email with a FM Front-End?

Question asked by dr_john on Feb 18, 2017
Latest reply on Feb 23, 2017 by BMyers

In other words, whenever they are dealing with an email, it's already in FM attached to the person who sent it. If not, a new person request adds their details to your PEOPLE file.


Your reply is saved and logged in FM, and then sent by whatever means, your yahoo, or gmail, or company system which you never need to look at or see once it's set up correctly of course.


Maybe it's too "Blue Sky" but this dream suggests I might never need or see anything else but FM to manage my various businesses, interests, girlfriends, etc.


Has anyone reading this reached this lofty mountain top. If so, can you give us the benefits of the experience and knowledge.


My current sense is that the right plug in and and Amazon mail-server would do the trick. I just wondered if anyone was actually living this way live in the "real world" under current social conditions.


Thanks for any info