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Creating a URL for a single record

Question asked by trilogy1000 on Feb 18, 2017
Latest reply on Feb 19, 2017 by arjen.evertse

Hi all,

I'm coming back to FMP after about 20 years away (please be gentle, a lot's changed, I last actively developed in FMP3).

We have a new db which requires a client to Authorise an order. We'd like to have the authorisation available over the web. Ideally, we would calculate a URL which will take them directly to a very simple Authorisation layout and directly to their specific record. They would click an "Agree" box, press an Authorise button and exit. We don't want them to have to search, just click a URL in an email and go straight to the right place.

Would it be possible to create this sort of direct access URL - specifying a particular layout and record - with any of the FMP web publishing options?