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Interessiert, Fachwörter in verschiedenen Sprachen zu vergleichen?

Question asked by miisli on Feb 18, 2017
Latest reply on Feb 21, 2017 by jkoester

Ich habe die Beschreibung nur in englisch.  Sollte aber selbsterklärend sein, da ich die Dialoge auch übersetzt habe.


FMpro4xHelp - Help in English, German, French and Spanish (English, Deutsch, Français and Español)


This project started as a simple comparison of general and FileMaker-specific technical terms in order to help folks who prefer another language more effectively.  All languages are displayed in parallel for easy comparison.



-  Help can be used in any of the 4 languages (including translated menus and dialogs).

-  One language can be chosen independently for routine use.

-  Help can be displayed 1, 2, 3 or 4 levels deep.

-  Search works across all languages simultaneously.  E.g. searching for ‘portal’ will find all titles containing the word ‘portal’ in any language.

- All data can be replaced with the included spreadsheet.  Use the spreadsheet as template for other or additional languages.

-  The 1-language display and the 4-language display each have their own bookmarks.


Each entry allows:

-  Showing this entry (including all levels below).

-  Showing the next level up (including all levels below).

-  Opening the corresponding help webpage in the currently used language.

-  Opening the corresponding help webpage in any of the languages.

-  Opening the direct link to all 4 languages.