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    windows backup


      Windows 10 FM setup.


      My Windows pc is going to be replaced.  I have been using the 'update' version of FM since version 9.  (I am currently using FM 15 Advanced).


      If I buy a new PC, how can I install my version of FM 15 on it.  (my experience has been that supplying the FM key doesn't work and providing the keys for 14, 13, 12 etc doesn't work either)



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          If you contact FileMaker Support, they should be able to set you up with a new download.

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            You need entering key for 15 first, then installer will ask for key for upgraded old version. I'm not sure but only nearest (14 in your case) works.

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              The problem is 15 is a 'upgrade' so fm looks for a prior version.  The problem with that 'looking' process is that the  prior FM versions are also upgrades; which cannot be installed because each requires a working prior version...



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                Which, to repeat myself, is why you need to contact support. As long as you can provide enough info to convince them that you did indeed purchase the product and updates, they can then send you a new download link that is the complete, rather than an ugrade installer. You can then save the installer downloaded from this link to an offsite location or removable media in case your current machine suffers a tragedy and you have install on yet another device.