Launch a script with CR and related Tab Questions

Discussion created by user28271 on Feb 19, 2017
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When setting Tab order you can TAB to an object, in this case a button, but you then have to click on the select button to launch the script.


Is there a way to launch the script with the next CR, or enter?  It would be nice if the user did not have to leave the keyboard and go to the mouse to click  the button he just tabbed into.




Is there a way to define a different TAB or based  on Window Mode?


For example.  When creating a new Purchase Order the first field is a drop down for Select a Vendor.  But when in FIND mode it would be nice to have the first field be the PO Number.


Yes, I know I can script based on MODE CHANGE to go to the PO number field.  But this is just one of many tab order changes I would make if I could and I would rather not have to right a navigation script for each field.


And Another Related TAB question.


Back to my Purchase Order example.  When a user tabs out of the last field, or a field with no tab order defined,  it jumps to the FIRST tab field.  This is a problem.   Can I set the layout to NOT tab to the first field in these situations.


Currently I set a blank object tin the upper left corner of the layout as TAB 1.