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    FMPro4xHelp - How to compare help in English, German, French and Spanish (English, Deutsch, Français and Español)


      This project started as a simple comparison of general and FileMaker-specific technical terms in order to help folks who prefer another language more effectively.  All languages are displayed in parallel for easy comparison.



      -  Help can be used in any of the 4 languages (including translated menus and dialogs).

      -  One language can be chosen independently for routine use.

      -  Help can be displayed 1, 2, 3 or 4 levels deep.

      -  Search works across all languages simultaneously.  E.g. searching for ‘portal’ will find all titles containing the word ‘portal’ in any language.

      - All data can be replaced with the included spreadsheet.  Use the spreadsheet as template for other or additional languages.

      -  The 1-language display and the 4-language display each have their own bookmarks.


      Each entry allows:

      -  Showing this entry (including all levels below).

      -  Showing the next level up (including all levels below).

      -  Opening the corresponding help webpage in the currently used language.

      -  Opening the corresponding help webpage in any of the languages.

      -  Opening the direct link to all 4 languages.