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    Custom function to returns designated column from array



      I am just working with I Beacons in FileMaker and have small issue.


      I have got 3 IBeacons which of course returns 3 strings containing UUID, Major, Minor etc.... my questions is I can set a variable which will capture the values form coulms in an array.


      IBeacons returns these 3

      D9B9EC1F-XXXX-YYYY- 10233, 1, 0, -1.00, 0

      D9B9EC1F-XXXX-YYYY- 10232, 1, 3, 14.68, -79

      D9B9EC1F-XXXX-YYYY- 10231, 2, 3, 18.96, -81

      What I want to do is to have custom function which would look into what IBeacons funtion returns and grab the second column form returned array.

      So in this case, function to return 10233, 10232, 10231.

      Many Thanks