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Question asked by piaccounting on Feb 18, 2017
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Being extremely new to Filemaker I am currently evaluating whether to purchase Filemaker Pro 15 Advanced. I do like what I have seen so far.


My primary objective is to replace a Microsoft Excel solution, where VBA code is used to perform a specific function which could possibly be greatly enhanced with Filemaker. I have a specific requirement and would like to know whether Filemaker is capable of handling it. Therefore would appreciate any comments. I am not looking for anyone to provide the solution rather advise whether this creation of additional records as described below is possible.


The task is defined below:


I want to allow the user to create some records into a portal. Once completed the user can save the records – when I then want to append some new records (either to existing portal or another table). The fields in the newly added records may be a mix of exact copies, default text or calculated values of the original portal records.


In its simplest form, say, three records are entered, by the user, into the portal.  I will then script three additional records with each field either being the same as its original user entry value, or a global default value or a calculated value.


In all of the online videos, training DVD's and examples I’ve reviewed I’ve not found this task specifically detailed. However a Knowledgebase article “How to copy data to one field from multiple portal records” encourages me to think it is possible.


Many thanks for your assistance and guidance.