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    New to FM


      Hi & Good Evening Everyone...Thank you very much for letting me part of this community... I been reading FM for month now, and I am very interest would it help me in what I am looking for

      My Questions is this:

      1) Can FM design as website and if so how?

      2) When member want to join, how do I set that up as portal?

      3) When that person join, I want to have them have profile?


      I want to design site that people who has Mental Illness can come too, look for information in there area like support groups and can download Modules of different areas that can help them


      I also do support groups once week, if member cant make it, they can go to the site, see what the topic is, can look at the video, go to forum, or download the module that took part in the group


      I hope that, I dont bored anyone with this, I am new to this, and hope to get some points on how to set it up or find video that will show me step by step...





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          Johan Hedman

          1. FM tool for web is WebDirect. If you have FileMaker Server you can use FileMaker WebDirect and each layout on your solution will be a page on the web.


          2. To have a portal you need to create a relationship between your tables.


          3. Not sure what you mean by new profile. If you mean new users, then you have to create a script that creates a new Account for that users


          I think you should have a look at the free FileMaker Training Series and learn more about FileMaker


          FileMaker Training Series | FileMaker

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            Johan Hedman wrote:


            1. FM tool for web is WebDirect. If you have FileMaker Server you can use FileMaker WebDirect and each layout on your solution will be a page on the web.


            A little more perspective - the FM platform offers many ways to publish information on the web.  WebDirect is one of them and allows the developer to create almost everything natively in FM without having to know too much about web technologies.  Having said that: it does come at a cost (you do have to design with WebDirect in mind, which is different than designing for use with FileMaker Pro clients, it will potentially not be as performant as using native web technologies, and the hardware requirements are substantial).  But if the project fits the constraints then it is an easy path.


            Alternatively you can use the native XML, PHP and/or ODBC/JDBC APIs available from FileMaker Server to web sites that use FM data.   Built on those there are 3rd party open source APIs for .NET, Python, Ruby,...

            These technologies are a lot performant and scalable but obviously require a skill set that is different than FM.   Do spend some time at the start of your project to consider all this.

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              While FMP is an excellent product and database solution, at the risk of "offending" the community, I might suggest that you also consider a different solution if your primary goal is an interactive website/web-service and content management system (CMS). Without knowing about your requirements, it is possible that a CMS like ExpressionEngine would be a better framework in which to work. There is a native way to manage members, many plugins for specialized needs, third-party add-ons, etc. A website built on a traditional web stack (i.e. website building software tools) will have fewer limitations or special workarounds for some of what you may be attempting to accomplish.


              I'm a big fan of FMP and use it to run two of my businesses and develop it for others' projects, but if I were building a "primarily web-based service", I would look at other tools. It may be that FMP is the perfect tool for your requirements, but from what little I know of it, I would likely start with a different platform – at least for the heavily web-dependent parts. FMP can still be used to manage various tasks, even if one does develop a website with other tools. 

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                also an option as dale suggests, the usage of canned website packages (typically, but not limited to, MySQL & PHP). sometimes this IS the best option based on so many factors: time, cost, the skills of those who must deploy such a website, etc. OTOH (on the other hand), sometimes a canned site can get you up and running quickly and give you a good basis for what you would do as FileMaker (with or without the site), should you have the time to do so!