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Question about AVLA server licenses, web publishing limits and web publishing stability

Question asked by douglerner on Feb 19, 2017
Latest reply on Feb 28, 2017 by douglerner

We are about to renew our legacy client licenses. We are hosting our databases and are thinking of changing our level of service from shared databases in FM 14 to dedicated databases in FM 15, which requires our own FM 15 server license.


The annual cost of the FM 15 server license under the legacy pricing is $348/year.


What's unclear is how many simultaneous connections does this allow to the server? In addition to our client licensees for staff, we wanted to allow web publishing API calls to be made from a non-FM server to the FM server to retrieve info on demand for our own users. We were wondering what kind of licensing and practical limits we might run into in such a situation.


By the way, the reason we are thinking of making the change from FM 14 to FM 15 is because of an apparent instability in the web publishing engine in FM 14 where the web publishing engine sometimes stops responding and needs to be reset. Our FM hosting service says that problem was fixed in FM 13 and FM 15 but is a known, remaining problem in FM 14 and even gave us links to read about that. Any thoughts on that?