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Locking a container field during import /update existing records

Question asked by user26751 on Feb 19, 2017
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How do I lock  specific containers  and protect the files stored inside those containers  during an Import /Update existing records?


I have a filemaker file  with one table and 100 containers which I sent to my customers. my customers fill the containers and send back the file to me.

I import the file (import/ Update existing records or matching fields)  and update my version in my dtabase- Then I review every container file and approve (APPROVED checkbox) or reject  (REJECTED checkbox) and add remarks for each file.

I now export again the file and send it again to my customer whom  corrects and send it back to me.

To avoid any mistakes I want to lock the containers that have been approved prior to perform another import update existing record. My customer may have deleted or changed by mistake a previously approved file  and I do not wish that specific approved container to change.


I am using today  for each container  an option "VALIDATE" "ALWAYS"  and VALIDATED BY CALCULATION ( Approved # 1 ). meaning the data in this container can only be cut, pasted or changed if the APPROVED checkbox #1

Using this method I protect my approved containers from any accidental Delete, Cut or Paste new file.

It works fine even  during import if only one container is locked. if more than one container is locked or  Say now I empty container 1  and container 2 ,  set them to Unlocked ( APPROVED checkbox = 0) in my database  and  lock container 3 . ( APPROVED checkbox = 1), I Import again the customer file , Nothing will happen. the import  Update new records will exit on Error


How can  Lock multiple container during  import update existing records?