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    Tom T


      If I have a 3 records with


      "Tom A"

      "Tom T"

      "Tom Z"


      find " Tom A" finds one record, find "Tom T" finds all 3 records, find "Tom Z" finds one record


      Only the word Tom T (which my client happens to use a lot ) behaves like this?? Any ideas

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          Find searches the word index.  When you enter Tom T, it will find Tom, and all words beginning with T, so that is why you are getting three records.


          Try =Tom T






          ==Tom T




          "Tom T"

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            It appears you are not using quotes in your search as stated in your post.  Tom T will find 3 records "Tom T" with quotes will find 1 record.

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              Take a look at the find operators to see the possibilities available to you:Screen Shot 2017-02-20 at 10.54.16 AM.png

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                Yes of course thanks for the reminder, I thought something odd was going on, client pressure and all that. I know about the "==" but don't normally use quotes, so thanks for that and the swift replies

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                  FileMaker default search is "begins-with" on any word in the field. Add to that, the AND find you have (words separated by space). Then you know why you got your results.


                  Aside: the order of the AND search don't matter.


                  A T

                  would have also given you

                  Tom A


                  There are several 'wildcards' that can assist with the searches.


                  == is exact, for example &

                  Quoting  puts your space into the phrase so ignores the AND search for two values. It searches (still begins-with) for the phrase.

                  "Tom T"

                  May also find

                  Tom Thumb





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