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    ANNOUNCEMENT: auditing without plugins - technology preview


      "Neo Code Audit Pro" aka NAP. 


      Why you should care:

      - A pattern of design that will log all changes to your FileMaker data (insert, edit, delete). 

      - 100% native (no plug-ins).

      - An open-source technology preview - not release ready module.

      - Developed and tested on FileMaker Pro 15 - older versions are not supported.

      Why we made it:

      - clients would like to be as plug-in free as possible

      - clients want auditing in their FileMaker apps

      - we like to experiment with FileMaker performance, memory based processing, JSON, and ExecuteSQL()

      - to contribute and stimulate discussion


      Get it on GitHub:




      We want your feedback!  This is a technology preview and not release-ready yes.  Please share your insight.

      Thanks to:

      Andrew Duncan (DataBuzz) http://www.databuzz.com.au/using-executesql-to-query-the-virtual-schemasystem-tables/