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Filemaker Pro prompts to download fonts when opening database in macOS Sierra...

Question asked by kfoskett on Feb 20, 2017
Latest reply on Mar 16, 2017 by intex

Filemaker Pro 15.0.3

macOS Sierra (10.12.3)


After upgrading to macOS Sierra, I've got a database that is asking for the following fonts to be downloaded every time I open it:


1.  Nanum Pen Script

2.  HanziPen SC


I have been selecting 'Skip' each time I'm prompted to download them.


According to Apple, these fonts are not included with macOS Sierra by default but can be downloaded using the Font Book app built in to the operating system.


Fonts included with macOS Sierra - Apple Support


The problem is, I don't recall using those fonts in this particular database.  To try and resolve this, I made a copy of the database and then systematically removed  the following items, reopening the database after each change.


1. All Tables remove

2.  All Fields removed

3.  All Relationships removed

4.  All Value Lists removed

5.  All Layouts removed

6.  All Scripts removed


The database now has 0 records and is only 400K in size.  Previously it was around 33MB.  It continues to ask for those two fonts when opened. Any ideas as to where those fonts are hiding in the database? I would like to fix this issue before putting the database on our Filemaker Server so my other Sierra users around the department don't have to download those two fonts.