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Multi-Page PDF's Don't Show Using DeskTopPath

Question asked by user12413 on Feb 20, 2017
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I am working on creating PDF invoice packages using a combination of FM generated reports and PDF's of invoices that I have saved in an interactive container field.  I have been able to create the package I need (see note below) with single-page invoices using Save Records as PDF [Restore ; Append ; With Dialog: Off ; $DeskTopPath ; current record ].  However, when the PDF'd invoice is a multi-page document, I cannot save more than the first page of that invoice to the combined PDF file.  My input container field holding invoices is set to interactive and I can view the full invoice - all pages - on-screen.   (I am inserting the invoice into the database, ie not using file path)


Am I doing something wrong or is Filemaker unable to export multi-page PDF documents?  I have read several discussions have had this same problem but am not sure there was a resolution.  I would appreciate any help in fixing this, whether it's an explanation of how to do it in Filemaker, or what external software / plug-ins can be used.


NOTE: Thru a script I am creating a cover memo, a summary of the contract invoicing, and a cumulative detail report out of Filemaker that precede the invoice or invoices.  The invoices are received in our office in PDF format from vendors - we have no control over that.