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    XML import on Filemaker Cloud Server


      I have been reviewing the specs for Filemaker Cloud. I would like to try it, but there are two things that I use that I want to make sure they will still work on Filemaker Cloud.

      The literature mentions that they are not complete, but I want to find out if they are complete enough for me.


      1 - XML import. l import files on a daily basis into a Filemaker solution. Will this still work?


      2 - ESS, I have several mysql tables that I access on a Linux server (static IP). Will this work? Filemaker literature seems to say no, but when searching the Soliant page says yes. Will it work?


      Thanks in advance to anyone that can explain this fully to me.

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          Are you importing via FileMaker Pro or is the server doing the import via Perform Script on Server? The former should continue to work just fine. I have not tested an XML import in a server-side script with FileMaker Cloud.


          ESS is supported for MySQL, Microsoft SQL Server, and Oracle data sources. A few solutions we've migrated to FileMaker Cloud use Microsoft SQL Server via ESS. Those ESS data sources have continued to work fine on clients and server-side scripts. Once the ODBC data source was configured in FileMaker Cloud, no other changes were required.

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