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Insert from URL not matching web viewer output

Question asked by jdornbos on Feb 20, 2017
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I'm working on generating maps from an (internal) OpenStreetMap server. I started the process generating maps on Google - so I have a web viewer on a layout with my variables, that generates a google street map and a container field that, when I run a script, "inserts from url" that same map. Good so far. I setup the internal map server, added a web viewer to the same layout which displays the map from the internal server just fine. Almost done - create a new container field, copy the script, point it to the internal server to generate the map - and what I get in the container field when the script is run is the php file from my server instead of the map that's being generated in the web viewer. It feels like I'm too close to this to see the obvious problem - but I'm not seeing why it would snatch the php file instead of capturing the map.


Any thoughts on what I'm missing? TIA.