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CWP with XML: executing a script

Question asked by planteg on Feb 20, 2017
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I am writing a program that will interface with a file on FMS using XML. Things are going pretty well, except that I would like to execute a script and get the returned value. When I try, I get the first record from the table linked to the layout instead of the script result.


As far as I understand from the Custom Web Publishing Guide, you can't just call a script, you need to do some thing else prior of after execution the script:



Is that correct ? Second question: I program in Python and use a Python wrapper that generates a URL. The generated URL is: db=Ballots&-lay=listeeti&-script=traiterCodeABarre&-script.param=OP____23&-findall=


The URL seems incorrect: if I copy in a browser, I get error = 4, but run in my program I get the first record.


What am I doing wrong ?