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Payment IDs in a Portal

Question asked by bwflagg on Feb 20, 2017
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Can anyone help me solve this problem: In my screenshot you will see that my PAYMENT IDs are the same number in the portal for EACH payment. My goal is to have a DIFFERENT PAYMENT ID for each payment entered into the portal. I don't know what I did to cause this, but need a solution to fix it.

BACKGROUND INFO: I have three tables. One for the Bills; one for the payments of each bill and a third for the Bill Name ID and the Payment ID. This is a simple database to input data on my monthly bills; and to have a portal to monitor payments for EACH BILL over time.


PS: I have also attached the file if that helps-nothing confidential.


A screenshot is attached. Any help is much appreciated. Thanks.


Message was edited by: Betty Flagg I just added the actual file for review. Nothing confidential.


Message was edited by: Betty Flagg. Thanks for the response. I have added a screenshot in layout mode.


Message was edited by: Betty Flagg The layout is based on the Payments table. The original file is now attached and not compressed.